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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

CCC practical videos......

👉1.CCC  Practical Video-1
 folder kevi Rite banavvu ?

👉2.CCC Practical Related Video 2
 how to Email ID configure in Outlook

👉3. CCC   Practical Video 3
How to Save Contact in Outlook

👉4 CCC  Practical Video 4
 How to Create Appointment in Outlook ?

👉5.CCC   Practical Video 5
How to Create Mail Merge in word

👉6.CCC   Practical Video 6
How to set Reminder in Outlook 2003

👉7.CCC   Practical Video 7
MS word

👉8.GTU CCC exam video 8
Parts of a Computer

CCC Practical video 9 MS Paint

👉9. CCC Practical Video 10
how to set Wall paper and screensaver

👉10. GTU CCC Practical Video 11
MS Word Envelopes

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